If you find a high quality constructor for your project?

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If you find a high quality constructor for your project?

Diaphragm Wall-Application

  • Commonly used in congested areas.
  • Can be installed in close proximity to existing structure.
  • Practically suited for deep basements.
  • Used in conjunction with “Top Down” construction technique.

Construction of Diaphragm Wall

  • Diaphragm wall is generally reinforced concrete wall constructed in the ground using under slurry technique which was developed in Europe.
  • The technique involves excavating a narrow trench that is kept full of an engineered fluid of slurry.
  • Walls of thickness between 300 and 1200 mm can be formed in this way up to a depths of 45 meters.

Grabbing operation for DW

Diaphragm Wall Presentation

Who We Are

We are pleased to introduce our company HERITAGE INFRASPACE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY), a construction organization with an expertise in the field of Deep Foundation Work like Diaphragm Wall and Piling.

Heritage offers ground engineering techniques such as Diaphragm Wall and Piling which gets build under the ground. A diaphragm wall is the most cost-effective and safest retaining solution for deep basements having close proximity of structures. It provides strong soil and hydraulic support, especially where water tightness and a stiff retaining structure are needed to control and protect the surrounding environment against settlement. Diaphragm walls are very useful when constructing a foundation in close proximity of an adjacent/existing building. For these reasons, diaphragm walls are becoming increasingly popular.

Around the world, Heritage’s portfolio of experience in the construction of diaphragm walls includes a large number of different structures ranging from building D -Wall on small sites to large metro stations, from shallow basements to deep underground structures, and from construction within a greenfield open space to busy metropolitan centers.

Heritage offers the full range of services from design consulting of Diaphragm Wall and Piling to execution of the works, using its own equipment pool to achieve the best result in terms of safety, time and costs.

In all we do, we target excellence. We strive to deliver the highest standards. We continuously work towards enhancing efficiency, evoking trust and delivering quality job by fostering a healthy and safe work environment. At heritage, we are always striving to be better for our customers.

We are working in all over India. We have completed more than 30 km of Diaphragm Wall and more than 25,000 anchors till date. Recently in August we have started our own RMC division.

Heritage is proud to announce that it has been awarded by Honorable chief minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay Rupani in Gujarat’s first business conclave held on 17 th August, 2019 to be the best diaphragm wall construction company in Gujarat.

Heritage was also awarded from ABP Asmita for being the best diaphragm wall construction company in Gujarat.

Why Choose Us?


Safety of our employees is important to us. We take all safety measures while the team is working on the site.


Several years of experience in the field, we have undertaken big projects and have completed them on time.


We maintain a high quality assurance procedures and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for all projects.


With the team of experienced and skilled staff, we maintain the quality of work and deliver it with 100% satisfaction.


With our skilled manpower, we have handed all our prestigious projects on scheduled date.


Highly professional and skilled staff who carefully selects the equipment’s and techniques based on environmental conditions.


We are administered by a group of experienced ace professionals leading a team of highly skilled technical staffs in Piling and Diaphragm Wall Works. The human resources of the company are having strong execution power as well as portrait best professionalism in the mentioned field.

Diaphragm Wall does the construction work which provides best value and impression to the clients. We provide services by securing best quality and cost competitiveness. We are having all specialized equipment from International manufacturer as per client requirements.