Sr No. Plant /Equipment Description Unit Remarks
1 Crane for Grabbing Nos Capacity as per Depth and Size of Diaphragmwall
2 Grabs Nos Capacity as per Depth and Size of Diaphragmwall
3 Wire Ropes Rmt 22 mm dia
4 GI Pipe line 3″/4″ with accessories Rmt For Bentonite Supply to Location
5 Vacseal Pump 7″X6″ Set For Bentonite Supply/Mixing
6 Vertical Pump Set For Bentonite Supply
7 Water Pump Set For Bentonite Mixing
8 DG set (125KV/75KV) Set For Lighting and Vertical Pump
9 JCB Nos Muck Removal
10 Water Tanker Nos Water for Bentonite
11 Tractor Nos Muck Removal
12 Welding Machine Nos Grab Maintenance
13 Grab Spares LS Grab Repairing
14 Venture Nos Bentonite Mixing
15 Tremmie Pipes 8/10 Inches Set Flushing
16 Lifting Head Nos Flushing
17 Tremmie Head Nos Flushing
18 Flushing Head Nos Flushing
19 Bentonite Powder MT Bentonite Mixing
20 Chisel 580 mm (3.5 Ton) Nos For Breaking of Rock
21 Stopend Pipes RMT For Joint formation Between Panels