Quality Policy

At HIPL we believe that quality goes beyond the text book definition. Quality for us is ‘building trust’. We want our clients, employees and end users to trust that HIPL will…
  • understand their needs, and meet their expectations;
  • work with them to provide the best, most practical solutions;
  • deliver to realistic programs and budgets;
  • help them to avoid problems;
  • be honest and straightforward.
HIPL uses the ISO9001:2015 standard as a framework for establishing and monitoring its quality management systems. We have committed to certifying all parts of the group’s activities and operations, including all management functions.

Safety Policy

Our ultimate goal is to have zero incidents through the effective management of safety in all our operations. We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We are all responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behavior or work conditions. Reportable accidents and high potential near misses are investigated to determine the details and causes. The findings and necessary steps to prevent recurrence are disseminated and implemented. We have adopted a common set of safety standards throughout HIPL. Management at all levels is responsible for implementing and maintaining the safety standards
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